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viking shield maiden Cape

This was a fun project that was inspired by Lagertha and the other Shield Maidens in the TV Show "Vikings". The full hood frames your face and creates a mysterious silhouette. High Quality Faux fur trims the full hood shape. (Not real fur, 100% Vegan friendly fur)

Cape features 2 slits in the front for your arms to reach through.

The front of the cape closes with ties to create a custom fit. Hem curves up in the front slightly to achieve a fairy-tale shape. This cape fabric is a lovely 100% boiled wool fabric in a light brown shade. Fabric is a medium weight wool. This cape is not lined. It is one layer of fabric. The cape may appear darker or brighter depending on your computer. Looking for your own Shield Maiden Inspired Costume? Please contact me for details.


viking Princess costume

This costume was a custom commission by an artist friend that worked on designing her own style of Viking Princess Costume. We talked about ideas, fabric colors and finalized a silhouette. Here is the result! Costume includes a white linen dress that laces up the back, blue linen overdress and matching wool cape. Costume is detailed out with ornate viking inspired trim.  


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viking Inspired Faux Fur Capelet Collar

This was a custom order project that was inspired by Viking and Game of Thrones Fur Styles. Closure and color scheme was loosely inspired by Jon Snow and is accented with a metal celtic wolf clasp. High Quality Faux fur was used (Not real fur, 100% Vegan friendly fur)

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