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Sherlock holmes inspired costume

For this costume my costumer wanted a coat and hat set inspired by Sherlock Holmes. I used a classic wool blend look fabric and a wool blend fabric with subtle plaid for the hat lining. The Buttons are a vintage style resin that mimics the look of the fabric texture. A pointed collar and attached cape-let style really accents that Sherlock vibe. Of course any Sherlock costume wouldn't be complete without an authentic pipe.

sherlock holmes inspired costume and hat - Sherlock benedict cumberbatch Inspired coat costume and hat 


irene adler hot pink dress

I have long admired Adler's hot pink dress from the movie Sherlock Holmes (2009). One of my favorite things the costume designer did with this dress the fact she took a classic Victorian shape and made it from hot pink silk satin. All the details are simple so that the fabric stands out. The color is such vibrant hue that it was surely a deliberate choice of Adler's to be an unique color in the women's fashions of the time. She wanted to stand out. 15 yards of hot pink satin made up this Victorian style dress.

Costume includes a skirt, bodice and bustle. The front of the bodice is finished off with a row of antique bronze buttons.

Back of the Dress is the real statement here. With a full Victorian bustle and gathered puffed up satin. The bustle is fully supported with padded bustle form in historical fashion. This allows for the bustle to bounce back perfectly even after sitting down. 


evelyn's mummy Inspired Costume

My customer was looking for a costume inspired by Evelyn's Librarian Costume from 1999 movie "The Mummy". This was a fun style of costume for me to sew. I don't usually get commissions for more modern garments and the vintage style fabrics allowed for lots of details to show in the design. I really wanted to go with fabrics and textiles that captured the look and feel of the original costume while still maintaining a feminine approach. (The striped pattern on the shirt shows up much better in real life. My camera was having a hard time with the contrasting colors) The costume includes a silk chiffon scarf, striped shirt with vintage style buttons and a khaki skirt.

evelyn's library costume from the mummy 


russian inspired wool coat

Here is a coat I create for a customer who wanted a design in this style and color scheme. She was inspired by some Russian Inspired coats seen in classic books and vintage garments. So this is the look we came up with. Fur is all a high quality faux fur with a rich texture and color. Fabric is a high quality chocolate brown wool. Coat is fully lined with a mid weight bridal satin in deep brown. This makes it perfect for slipping over evening gowns. The back of the coat is draped with a shawl collar like detail in the rich faux fur.

More details can be seen in the photos below. The vegan fur collar accented the dark brown wool nicely. 


electric blue victorian dress

This Electric Blue Victorian Dress was inspired by the one described in Sir Arthur's Sherlock Holmes story titled "The Adventure of the Copper Beeches". In that tale Miss Hunter wears an electric blue dress of a brilliant satin fabric. So with that small description this dress was created. The detailed front of the dress is accented with vintage silver buttons and a classic Victorian bodice shape. Skirt front features a lovely draped center front. A full skirt completes the look while a pointed collar draws the eye upward. The back of the dress is a slightly bustled and features rows of ruffles and gathered fabric. For a more fitted look the bow in the back pulls in the bodice.

The back of the dress is a slightly bustled and features rows of ruffles and gathered fabric. For a more fitted look the bow in the back pulls in the bodice.


yellow chiffon dress

This yellow dress is truly a unique garment. It was inspired an original design that a customer sent me for use as an inspiration image. She wanted this custom yellow dress to wear to her wedding. I used layers of yellow chiffon fabric and tied everything together with a bow and puffed sleeves. 

The layered chiffon skirt is accented with yellow satin ribbon


little women inspired dress

The following dress was inspired by 1860's day dresses and the classic story "Little Women". Dress is made from a wool blend fabric and accented with antique buttons. Skirt is fully pleated and bodice closes up the front. Sleeves are cuffed and feature button closures. 


jane austen Inspired Costumes

Some of my first costuming projects and commissions were Jane Austen inspired looks. Here are a few of my favorite looks I created for customers. Each dress is a historical style and features unique fabrics. 

This was a custom gown inspired by the one worn by Keira Knightly as Elizabeth Bennett

Gown is a lovely brown linen and accented with lots of historical details. Bodice is a flattering ruched style.

Cranford Inspired Regency Dress

The following purple gown was created with a matching bonnet. My customer wanted something inspired the BBC series "Cranford" and Regency looks.

Robe and nightgown set inspired by Keira Knightly's Lizzie Look

Robe and nightgown set inspired by Keira Knightly's Lizzie Look

Vintage inspired Regency Robe and Nightgown

apache native american inspired outfit

The following outfit was a custom order for a customer looking for an outfit based upon some antique photos of Apache style outfits. We decided upon the look after studying the photos and drawing inspiration from the time period the photos were taken. Fabrics used were linens and linen blends. The costume was needed for an event at a school. Images below were used as refrence. 

apache outfit - native american apache inspired costume outfit