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red riding hood Capes

These capes were inspired by the classic tale of Red Riding hood.

Also inspired by the "Red Riding Hood" movie in which the costumes were designed by Cindy Evans

I have created dozens of these capes for commissions and special orders. Fabric is a stunning red wool.

red riding hood snow cape.JPG

Black Vegan Wool Salem Cape

The cape featured here is a custom one for a customer who was looking for one of my Salem Style Cloaks, but in a wool like fabric. We worked together to find the perfect fabric and the one we selected with actually a high quality poly vegan wool. The cape features the arm slit, full hood and straight hem.


The cape style was inspired by classic historical salem witches


Black Wool witch Capes

These capes are some of my favorite to make and wear. The fabric is a stunning black wool that draped and flowed in an elegant way. A fairy-tale hem and arm slits make it a perfect match for the full hood style. 

The cape style was inspired by classic historical salem witches

Here are a few more photos of how the capes looked when being worn. 


Custom Cloaks and Capes

Over the years I have had the opportunity to create many capes for customers looking for something unque for their costume events.

This silk velvet cape below was a stunning combination of a rich deep blue color accented with silver elven closures. Photos can be seen below.


Capes are always a great finishing touch to a winter costume.


Looking for your own custom cape? Please contact me for details.