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Green Vampire Ballgown

The inspiration for this ballgown was actually a gown that I designed and made for myself many years back. My dress was the classic red and black vampire color scheme, but this design was requested by my customer to be a in a lovely shade of deep green with black accents. Elements of it are Victorian Era, but still maintaining a distinct vampire vibe. 

“I want you to believe in things that you cannot.”
― Bram Stoker, Dracula. 

This was such a fun dress to make. The fabrics are a stunning combination of bridal satin and silk blends. Back of the gown features a graceful bustle design.

Delicate black laces accents the front of the skirt and sleeves. Bodice detail is also adorned with intricate black lace. The stunning satin fabric was perfectly suited to this style of bustle on the gown. Looking for your own Vampire Ballgown? Please contact me for details. Everything can be customized by color design. Thank you for looking at my costumes and have a magical day.


Red Vampire Ballgown

The gown is made of a dark red heavy silk type fabric with a contrasting black embossed center panel. The top of the sleeves are sewn out of the same fabric as the center, but the lower halves of the sleeves are a sheer chiffon style fabric. On the front of the bodice there is an overlay of a lace style design that has been sewn on to give the dress texture and detail. Hand embroidery was done down the front along the edge of the black panel.

The back of the gown has been bustled to achieve that silhouette.

Hand embroidery was done down the front along the edge of the black panel.


Gothic Vampire Coat

This coat is fully lined in a black swirled design fabric and accented with silver metal buttons.
Back laces up for a custom fit. Hem is high low. Longer in the back and shorter in the front. High collar can be worn folded up or down for your desired look. Coat does not close. It is designed to feature a gap in the front. Two pockets are inside the coat. Perfect for stashing pirate treasure or daily accessories. Coat fabrics are a poly stretch suiting in a deep rich black collar. Lining is also a poly blend fabric. Silver metal buttons are used for decorative accents.

This design was inspired by classic Victorian styles, but with a modern twist.



Transylvania nightgown

This Nightgown was highly inspired by Transylvania Legends and Lore. Dracula is the classic vampire tale written by Bram Stoker in 1897. The novel wove a story of vampire myth to create a literary legacy. The story was set in Transylvania thus creating a new platform for many other stories that would soon follow based in this same region.

For the gown I used a lovely organic bamboo and rayon fabric. It is the kind of fabric that is amazingly soft and becomes better with age.

Almost an off the shoulder low neck that is perfectly romantic.

The fabric is a bit thin, but this creates a lovely ghostly effect. Or some such thing. The low scooped neckline is a drawstring that I stitched in place and tied in a knot so there is not fear of it coming undone. The sleeves are full and pointed on the lower hem. Simple long hem floats around the ankles.....or I am sure you could fly in it was well if you happen to have that power come midnight