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Kili the dwarf Inspire costume

For this costume my customer was looking for something inspired by Kili from the Hobbit Films. Here is the look we came up with. Costume included a detailed vegan leather coat, blue shirt and long vest. Faux fur was also added to the costume. This gave it a nice dwarf style vibe. 

kili costume from the hobbit - Inspired by the Hobbit movie trilogy 

More photos and close up details can be seen below. 


Rohan couple costume set

This costume set was created for a customer who was looking for something inspired by Rohan looks, but in a unique color scheme. Gold and blue as the chosen color so we just sent for it and used deluxe details. Because the set was designed around having a lovely Eowyn Inspired gown and a Theoden Inspired costume the design elements are similar to those featured in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. 

rohan costumes inspired by Lord of the rings 

More photos and details of the costumes can be seen below. The dress is made from a stunning 100% silk velvet fabric that is lined with a rose textured bridal satin in gold. Full sleeves are medieval in style and the waist is accented with an ornate metal belt. The male costume features a cape, long tunic, pants and undershirt. 


red and black rohan inspired costume

The following costume was inspired by the looks worn in Rohan in the Lord of the Rings movies and books. This was custom designed with the customers color scheme and ideas kept in mind. Style and sillhoutte was inspired by Theoden from Rohan. Here is the final result. 

rohan costume - lord of the rings costume - rohan cosplay - rohan inspired costume - theoden costume 

bilbo Inspired Vest

Bilbo is a very stylish hobbit and is often seen wearing this vest in the original Lord of the Rings Trilogy. His red vest is even described in Tolkien's work. This vest was a custom commission for a customer who was looking for a classic Bilbo vest inspired by the red party vest in wore in The Fellowship of the Ring movie. Vest was created from a stunning red tapestry and metal buttons. 

bilbo vest inspired by the lord of the rings trilogy - Bilbo party vest

More details of the vest can be seen below. 


Bilbo Baggins Robe outfit

This is a costume I created for a customer who was looking for something inspired by the quilted robe Bilbo Baggins wears in the Hobbit Movies. The costume included a fully quilted robe, linen shirt and detailed pants. 

bilbo baggins quilted robe hobbit outfit

Fabrics included velvet, tapestry, corduroy, linen, cottons and satin blends. Robe was edged with golden piping and accented out with a red velvet collar and matching sash. More details of the complete costume can be seen below. 


Theoden inspired Costume

This costume was inspired by Theoden from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Costume included a full wool cape, and trimmed tunics. The longer tunic is a rich chocolate brown silk velvet accented with Celtic style trim. Cape is also accented with a similar celtic style trim. To complete the look a wine colored shirt with Rohan inspired details was added. 

Theoden costume - Inspired by the lord of the rings trilogy 

Here are a few more photos of the customer wearing his Theoden Inspired look to comic cons and events. 


Lord of the Rings Fellowship Inspired CLoaks

These capes were inspired by the classic cloaks worn by the Fellowship in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. Details included a soft wool knit fabric (woven by elves of course) and long pointed hood. To complete the look I added a Lorien Leaf cloak pin that was inspired by the original ones worn in the film. 


Lord of the rings fellowship inspired cloak or Cape 

The following photos represent some other Fellowship style cloaks I made for customers. Colors varied depending on what look was preferred and also what fabric was avalible at the time of purchase. 


hobbit dresses

Here is a selection of Hobbit Dresses I have created for customers throughout the years. The hobbit dress styles are based off the costumes worn by the hobbit maidens of the Shire. Each dress is unique and made for the customers color palette in mind. Vintage trims and fabrics were also used on all the dresses. 


Green and Cream Hobbit Dress

Purple Hobbit Dress

Orange Hobbit Dress

here is another selection of hobbit dresses