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Plus Size Costumes

Fun costumes for comic con and events shouldn't be defined by size. Plus size and curvy size ranges can also enjoy custom costumes. Here are a few of my favorite commissions created in a curvy or plus size range. Size ranged from Women's 16 to Women's 3X. 

Above you can see a few costumes that include Arwen's Riding Dress Costume, Arwen's Chase Dress Costume that is sometimes called. Arwen's Coronation Dress , Arwen's Coronation Costume, Buttercup's Red Riding Dress Costume, Princess Leia's Cornation Costume, Princess Leia's Ewok Dress, Princess Leia Ewok Costume and last but not least is a Legend of the Seeker Inspired Dress. 

Plus Size Hobbit Dress in Green and Cream

Pirate Costumes in Plus Size Ranges

The following costumes are plus sized pirate costumes that I had the honor to create for pirate weddings and events. 

Tia Dalma Inspired Costumes and Island Shifts 

Some of the most popular plus sized pirate costumes have been the Tia Dalma Inspired Styles and the Island Shifts that were inspired by Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean: Black Pearl.