buttercup red dress

The following is a selection of Princess Bride inspired dress dresses I have created for customers over the years. The dresses are inspired by the iconic red dress that Buttercup wears in Princess Bride. Each version was unique as it really depended on what the customer wanted or what my current fabric store had in stock at the time. The dresses are made from a selection of high quality rayon fabric blends and ornate trim belts. Gold metal button were added to the cuffs of the puffed sleeves. 

buttercup red riding dress costume - buttercup red dress costume - buttercup princess bride costume 

The belt on the gowns can be worn high on the waist or lower on the hips as it appears to be in the later part of the movie. Each gown features a high neckline, puffed sleeves, pleated skirt and an invisible zip up the back. These costume are simply inspired by the one worn in the movie. Not all details are exact. I simply wanted to capture the look and feel of Buttercup's Red Riding Dress Costume. 

More versions of the same style of dress can be seen here and below. These are some of the most popular styles for Halloween season. 

princess buttercup red riding dress details 


BUttercup and Wesley costumes

The following costumers were created as sets for Halloween and Comic Con Events. Of course they were inspired by Buttercup and Wesley in the classic book and movie Princess Bride. Each costume is slightly unique and features details that capture the look and feel of Wesley (Dread Pirate Roberts) and Buttercup. Buttercup's costume includes her classic red dress and belt. Wesley's Dread Pirate look includes a shirt, pants, sash and headscarf. 

buttercup and wesley princess bride costumes - inspired by the princess bride movie and book

more versions of these sets can be seen here 


dread pirate roberts costume

The following costumes were inspired by Dread Pirate Roberts from the movie and book Princess Bride. These costumes are simply inspired by the original one worn in the film. Not all details are identical, but the idea was to capture the fun pirate vibe that he wore. Each costume includes a detailed shirt with front lacing, sash, headscarf and pants. 

The amazing leather mask was purchased from ravenwoodmasks.mysupadupa.com 

dread pirate roberts costume - inspired by the movie Princess bride - dread pirate robert costume 

This style of costume is one of those classic looks that is perfect for Halloween and festivals of all kinds. I have even created these costumes for weddings and specieal events of that nature. All costumes are of high quality black fabrics and pirate style details. 

dread pirate1.JPG

costume can be purchased in INDIVIDUAL items if you want to only COMMISSION the shirt, etc... 

dread pirate roberts inspired costume