Forest elf archery dress

The following costume is one I designed for a customer who was looking for something that was inspired Forest Elves and it also needed to allow for archery movements. We decided to go for a look made from brown and green textiles. The corset and gauntlets are created from vegan leather. The hood and sleeves are also removable depending on the weather and event. 

more details of the costume can be seen below. Hem is a high low effect. 

elf costume - elven costume - elvish costume - archery elf costume - Forest elf dress- forest elf costume 

The costume included a belt that was detailed with beads and vintage lace. A bag was also attached to the bag to allow for each of carrying special items at events and festivals. 


arwen requiem blue dress

This costume was inspired by Arwen's Blue Requiem Dress from Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Details include velvet sleeves, silk accents and beaded trim work. Dress includes an ornate under dress with long flowing sleeves and beaded neckline. A velvet over dress completes the elven inspired look. 

arwen blue requiem dress costume - inspired by lord of the rings: return of the king 

Upper sleeves are beaded and feature a sheer overlay of silk chiffon. Both the under dress and over dress are trimmed with a deluxe bridal trim that is hand beaded with crystal beads. Satin white sleeves cascade to the floor. 


arwen coronation dress

The following costume was inspired the green coronation gown worn by Arwen in the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. I used a more sage green colored velvet, but I tried to capture all of the details in the orginal dress. All bead and embrodiery work was done by hand. 

arwen's coronation dress costume - Arwen Green Dress costume - inspired by Lord of the rings

Matching shoes were also created to complete the look. Long flowing sleeves and a train cascade gracefully to the floor. 


arwen blood red dress

This commission costume was inspired by the blood red dress Arwen wears in Lord of the Rings: Two Towers. The costume was inspired by the oringal movie gown, but not all details are identical. Silk velvet and bridal trims were used to accent this dress. I also dyed brocade to match the blood red velvet sleeves. 

arwen blood red dress - inspired by lord of rings: Two towers

The gown consists of a full velvet dress and then an under dress that features the velvet sleeves and bead work. 


tauriel inspired costume

These are some Tauriel inspired costumes I have created for customers during the time the Hobbit Movies were in theaters. Each costume is a little unique depending on the preferred look the customer wanted. The costume set includes a linen dress, vegan leather corset, corset cover bodice with hood and vegan leather arm gauntlets. These costumes are inspired by the original one in the movies. Not all details are identical to the orignal costume. 

tauriel costume from the hobbit - inspired by the hobbit movies 

These costumes are inspired by the original one in the movies. Not all details are identical to the original costume. 

here are some more photos of Tauriel Inspired costumes i have created

This costume below featured just the gown, gauntlets and corset. All vegan leather was used. 

Here is another version of the Tauriel costume that included the corset cover bodice with hood. 


galadriel inspired dress

The following dress was inspired by Galadriel's dress in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. A stunning beaded fabric from France was used as an overlay for the complete dress and flowing elf sleeves. The belt is a beaded combination of crystal work and silk fabrics. The dress was inspired by the orginal one worn by Galadriel, but not all the details are idential. This was merely used as inspariton in creating the look. 

galadriel beaded dress inspired by lord of the rings - galadriel costume - galadriel dress 

The neckline was made into a smooth laying sillhotte upon the customers request. 


arwen riding dress costume

The following costumes were inspired by Arwen's Riding Dress in The Fellowship of the Ring. This dress has also been called Arwen's Chase Dress in the cosplay community. Dress was inspired by original and not all details are identical. I simply wanted to capture the look and feel of the dress Arwen wore in the film. Dress is made from a soft suede fabric with hand embroidery details. 

arwen chase dress Costume - Arwen riding dress costume - inspired by the fellowship of the ring 

More details of the costume can be seen below. Suede and silk fabrics were used. The waist is accented with a metal belt buckle. 

here are a few more photos of other Arwen riding dress costumes I have made 


arwen battle dress

The following was inspired by an Arwen dress from a deleted scene featured in Lord of the Rings: Two Towers. The costume was supposed to be featured in the Helm's Deep battle, but Arwen was cut from the scene to maintain authenticity to Tolkiens orginal work.  

arwen's battle dress costume: arwen helms deep costume - Inspired by lord of the rings: two towers 

The costume included a stunning purple silk velvet for the coat accented with silver filigree buttons and a high collar. The under dress has full elvish sleeves that are double layered with burnout silk. Sides of gown are slit to allow for movement while fighting in battle. 


custom elf gowns

I have created many elf gowns as custom commissions in color schemes and designs inspired by each customer. Many of these designs were more budget friendly by using panne velvet and satin fabrics. A selection of some of my favorite custom orders can be seen below. 

woodland elf dress & Jewel Tone elf gowns can be seen below. 

gray linen elf dress above & blue elf dress below


dark elf black dresses

The following is a selection of dark elf dresses I designed for Halloween season. Dresses feature a selection of satin and taffeta fabrics. 

dark elf black dresses 

More styles of the dark elf dresses can be seen below. Rose embridory fabric was used down the front of both gowns. 


dark elf blue and black dress

The following costume was inspired by a perfume ad featuring Eva Green. I used that ad for the color scheme inspiration. Other elements included classic dark elf fantasy style sleeves and a corset bodice. A bag hangs from the waist belt to allow for ease of movement when stashing items. Corset is fully boned and the under dress is a chiffon blend. Lots of beads were added to the bodice and sleeve details. 

dark elf dress - dark elf costume - dark elf outfit - dark elf inspired costume - dark elf gown