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Gandalf the Grey Inspired Costume

My Gandalf the Grey Inspired costumes are ones that I enjoy creating for customers all year around. I have made a number of versions of them and each costume is slightly unique. However, the pictures below represent the current selection of dyed linens and textile selections.

The costumes are inspired by Gandalf the Grey from the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit stories created by J.R.R. Tolkien. My Gandalf inspired garments are meant to capture the spirit and details of the originally movie costumes. I do not claim to have everything identical to the original screen garments. The costumes are meant for wearing to fun events or even daily life if you wish.

Each costume is carefully made from a stunning gray line that has a slightly rougher texture.

Costume includes a cape, robe, braided belt, hat and optional scarf. All items can be purchased separately if that works better for your costume. Sleeve and neckline detail feature feather-stitching embroidery done by hand. Hat is made from 100% wool felt. Everything is carefully sewn. 


Gandalf the White Inspired Costume

This White Wizard costume was based off the costume worn by Gandalf The White from the Lord of Rings films.

The design is not intended to be 100% screen accurate, rather it was created to capture the look and feel of Gandalf the White. It is perfect for wearing at events, comic cons and any outing that a wizard style garment might be needed. All fabrics are of the highest quality and are a selection of ivory and off white hues.

Costume set included a cape, belt, shirt, robe and under robe.

Here are some photos of how this commission turned out. It was really fun to create for my customer as LOTR is one of my all time favorite stories. Of course no wizard costume is complete without a cape or cloak of some kind. The cape is fully lined in the same fabric.

scroll through the photos below for more details


Dumbledore Inspired Costume

The following costume was designed to be inspired by Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series. My customer was looking for a style inspired by the costume Dumbledore is wearing the later films. Costume included a robe, under robe and hat. Fabrics are selection of a magical gray lavender color. Lots of detailed trims were used to accent the robes and hat.

dumbledore Costume - Dumbledore Inspired Costume - Dumbledore outfit - Dumbledore cosplay 

A wizard bag was also made to keep all his magical items safe during comic cons and events. - See last photo 

Customer Photos: Dumbledore Cosplayer @TricksyLightsCosplay can be found here


Snape Inspired Costume

The following costume was inspired by Snape from the Harry Potter Series. Details were designed to capture the look and feel of the costume that Alan Rickman wore when playing his famous role. This costume was merely inspired by the one worn in the films, but I hope it captures a bit of that Snape magic. Costume includes tailored wool jacket, cravats and long flowing black robe.  

Snape costume - snape harry potter costume - snape cosplay - severus snape costume - Snape outfit 

Customer Photos: Snape Cosplayer @TricksyLightsCosplay can be found here