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padme picnic inspired costume

Costume was inspired by the one Padme wears while having a picnic with Anakin in Episode 2. Please note it it simply inspired by the original gown. It is not identical in every-way. It is designed to be a fun costume to wear to parties and events. Costume includes a boned corset bodice, off the shoulder flowing dress, beaded and rose accented shawl, hair bun wraps and velvet rose headband.

padme picnic dress was inspired by the dress worn in Star Wars Episode 2

Fabrics are high quality bridal fabrics. Dress is overlayed with glittering gold chiffon fabric and the under-layer of the dress is crepe back satin. Sleeves tie with long layers of pastel ribbons. Corset laces up in the back with gold cording and self fabric loops. This allows for a nice custom fit.


padme inspired desert costume

This costume was inspired by the one Padme wore when she first met Anakin as a little boy. Costume includes blue linen under tunic with attached wrist wraps, brown textured over tunic with v-neckline and matching belt that ties in the back. Pants are a soft brown shade of bamboo knit fabric with a yoga waistband fit. Original movie pants are super dark chocolate brown. 

Belt is accented with a deep red button with a distressed finish.


Rey inspired costume

Costume was inspired by the one Rey wears throughout most of Star Wars Episode 7. Please note it it simply inspired by the original costume. It is not identical in every-way. It is designed to be a fun costume to wear to parties and events. Costume includes linen knit tunic with attached tabards/wraps. Everything is hand sewn down to achieve that pleated ruched effect. Costume also includes knit fabric pants with yoga waistband, arm warps and a vegan leather belt with adjustable back closure. Invisible zipper closes everything up in the back.

All fabrics have been custom dyed to achieve an authentic vibe to the costume.

Costume is comfortable and easy to move in. Perfect if you plan on doing a few fight scenes while you are cosplaying. The side loop of the tabard/draping can be worn on the outside of the leg or looped underneath. Whatever you prefer. 


princess leia Ceremony Dress

"Draped Sleeves edition"

The following is another Princess Leia Ceremony Dress Costume I created for a customer. My customer was looking for a Princess Leia Ceremony Inspired Dress that had draped sleeves in a similar look to the movie version. So I decided to use a silk chiffon that would drape well and have that authetnic bright white color. There was no belt created with this order. 

princess leia ceremony dress - princess leia ceremony costume - princess leia white dress - Star wars wedding


princess Leia Ceremony Dresses

These dresses were inspired by the one Princess Leia wears at the end of Star Wars: A New Hope during the ceremony scene. I have created multiple versions of this costume for customers. Each gown is unique and features silk chiffon fabrics and poly blends. The belts are vegan leather with metal accents. 

For the main part of the dress I used a poly blend fabric that had a heavier hand to it that would flow over curves nicely. The dress is fully lined in a pretty matte satin.

The sleeves are a gorgeous sheer white color that drapes and hangs elegantly to the floor. The bodice of the dress is a draped shaped to accent the bust and create a lovely low neckline. Here are a few more photos of other versions of this costume I have created. These gowns look lovely on all sizes and heights of ladies. 


padme inspired Nightgown

This is a costume I made for a customer who was looking for a gown based off of Padme's Nightgown in Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. The gown is completely constructed from a gorgeous silk satin blend fabric. Shimmery, smooth and perfect for dreams in a galaxy far far away. The dress feature strings of pearls that will drape gracefully over the shoulders when worn. Beads and sequins created a lovely Star Wars inspired design on the front bodice.The back of the gown has this really cool back "train" of fabric and pearl details.

The straps keep the gown in place and draw the eye towards the bodice detail. Front panels of the gown are edged with embroidery stitches.