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Darth maul inspired costume

This was such a fun costume for me to make. Darth Maul has long been my favorite Star Wars Sith. He is just so cool! So it was an honor to make a Darth Maul Inspired Costume for a customer wanting to dress as a Sith Lord this Halloween. As with all my costumes everything is inspired by the original movie version. I do not claim to have everything identical to the film. This is not a Rebel Legion approved garment. It was made to wear to Comic Con and Halloween events. 

With all black costumes it is really hard to capture the depth and detail of the textiles with a camera. It looks so much more authentic in real life. Costume is made from high quality fabrics.

His costume includes layers of tabards and tunics. Then the whole look was topped off with a robe. Front tabard fabric is actually a high quality vegan suede. This gave the costume a rich feeling. Costume also included pants that are not pictured


female sith costume

I had the opportunity to create a unique costume for a customer looking for a Sith costume for her events. After discussing ideas and details of what she wanted here is the costume we designed together. Costume includes a fully lined cape and ornate vegan leather corset. The cape was inspired by the classic Sith looks seen throughout all the Star Wars films and stories. A deep bright red lining adds a pop of color and sexy edge when walking around events.

Corset features buckles up the front and lacing up the back for a custom level of support. Corset vegan leather details are vegan suede and a snakeskin textured pattern. Wrappings of vegan suede wrap around the waist to create a unique look. Metal cape closures secure the cape and finish off the elegant look.


red and purple sith costume

The following costume was a custom designed commission for a customer looking for a unique Sith inspired set. My customer decided upon the color scheme and the overall design elements. This is the costume we came up with. Costume includes a Darth Maul inspired robe, Sith tabards, tunic and pants not pictured. Sith symbols and design elements were also chosen by the customer based upon his overall look we wanted to achieve. Lower sleeves feature wrapped elements and textiles. Fabrics include linen and bamboo blends. 

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sith costume with acid green hem

Here are some photos of a custom designed Sith Costume I created for a customer. The requirements he was looking for was something aged, distressed and of course in a black color scheme. The hem also needed to feature some kind of bright acid green upon it. The fabrics are a selection of linens, woven wools and the neck cowl is a textured snake skin style print. My favorite part of the costume is the heavy wool robe. The hem of the robe is accented and aged with an acid green dyed pigment. I aged and distressed all the fabrics and hems for an authentic worn-out look. 

The neckline features a higher collar to give the costume a bit of depth.


darth sidious "The Emperor" Costume 

This costume was inspired by The Emperor''s Costume in the classic Star Wars films. It is not identical to the original, but simply inspired by the films. 

fabrics are will and cotton blends. I made the robe closure accent. costume includes robe and under robe. 

Please note that the photo quality of these images are not good, but my camera broke the day I was going to take pictures of this costume. Thus the quality is a bit grainy. The costume looked much better in real life! These images can hopefully at least represent the sillhoutte of the costume.