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dr. strange inspired Costume

This costume was inspired by the costume worn by Dr. Strange in the most recent adaption of the film by Marvel. My version of the costume was inspired by the original screen worn edition, but was modified to fit my customer's ideas and budget. Not every detail and fabric is identical to the original version. We just wanted to capture the spirit and look of Dr. Strange. Only high quality fabrics were used. More photos of the look can be seen below. Costume includes: Fully lined wool cape, linen shirt, linen tunic with attached arm wraps, belt and linen pants.

Dr. strange inspired costume 

Fabrics for the lining of the cape were all dyed and aged by Brielle Costumes. Hand stamping was also done to achieve the desired affect. The cape has such a wonderful asymmetrical hemline. It really adds a whimsical swish when worn. The main part of the cape is created with red wool sewn together in a star-burst type pattern that all centers around the shoulder design on the left. Layers of rayon fabrics that featured a design texture were also added to complete the patch-work style look. A high collar was made with lots of hand sewn details and layers of blood red textures. 


princess nuala inspired costume

This costume was inspired by Princess Nuala from the Hellboy Movie: "The Golden Army". You can see the inspiration for the costume in the images above. My customer was using her own belt decoration, so I simply made the beaded corset and rest of the costume for her. The costume consists of 2 wrap around dresses, corset and collar piece. Corset is fully boned, lined and accented with rows of stunning bronze glass beads. For the fabrics I found some beautiful satin and sheer chiffon blends. The ombre fabrics are much more vibrant in real life. Dark blue color starts at the hem and works up the dress into it turns into a very pale blue.

back lacing can be tightened for a customized fit. more beads accent the sides of the corset. 


Cowboys and aliens Ella costume

he dress you will see here below was inspired by the costume worn by Ella in the Cowboys and Aliens movie that came out this summer. For my version of the costume I used a fabric that was an 1860's reproduction give it a historical vibe. The color is a tan taupe calico with brown flowers printed on it. The costume is actually a two piece garment that creates the look of a dress. The long skirt is accented with a ruffled around the hem and the fitted bodice is finished with a skirted peplum. The lace on the cuffs is a vintage piece I had in our collection. The cuffs are closed with a bone like button as well.

The back of the bodice and skirt is simple and perfect for running around. The Alien Wrist cuff is a fun accent for this costume as well. 

I made the alien wrist cuff out of a promotional drink cup that came out when the movie was in theaters. The gun used in the photos is a prop that I borrowed for the shoot. 


apocalyptic Nomad Coats

Here is a selection of some apocalyptic inspired coats I created from recycled garments and pants. Each coat is truly unique and not like the previous one created. The orignal inspiration for the looks were classic apocalypptic movies and books.  

TERMINATOR and Bane INSPIRED elements were used in this look

Green Coat 4.JPG

earth toned colors were used for an authentic vibe. each coat featured a full hood 

Green Coat 5.JPG

each coat featured a full hood