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belle's battle costume

Once upon a time inspired 

These costumes were inspired by the one worn by Belle in the Once Upon a Time TV series. Each costume included a detailed tunic bodice, belt and under shirt. Because I created multiple versions of this costume each version was unique and had specific things included for each customer. My favorite versions I made are featured here. The orginal tv costume can be seen below. 

belle once upon a time costume - belle battle costume - belle battle costume once upon a time 

Belt is covered in vintage buttons to give the belt an antique finish. The followings costumes featured suede fabric and a selection of tapestry to accent the bodice. Sleeves are a classic fairy tale shape.  


Once Upon a time Captain hook inspired Coat

The following is a female coat inspired by Captain Hook from the tv show Once Upon A Time. The coat was designed with elements inspired by the one worn in the show, but was then adapted for the female figure of the customer wanting to cosplay this look. 

The female version of this costume can be seen below. My customer was cosplaying her own version of Captain Hook. 

captain hook cosplay inspired by Once a upon a time - captain hood once upon a time coat