Vegan Leather Cosplay Arm Gauntlets

Vegan Leather Cosplay Arm Gauntlets

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Ladies Vegan Leather Arm Gauntlets 

These elegant arm gauntlets are perfect for Elven Archers, Dragon Riders or Forest Fairies. Work equally well with everyday garments, to give you a stylish and slightly Medieval look. 

Vegan leather is a lovely brown color.

Medieval Trim detail is gold, burgundy, blue etc... 
The eyelets are black and are accented with black ribbon cording lacing. 

Constructed with 2 layers of high quality fabric. 


Gauntlets/Bracers come in two sizes. 

Women's Small: 
Best fits a wrist size 5.5 to 6 inches around. 

Women's Medium: 
Best fits a wrist 6in to 7in. 

The style of lacing allows for some customization. 

If you want the gauntlets/bracers to lace all the way up without a gap, please order the larger size.
Especially if you are wearing them over a costume sleeve. 

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