Rey Star Wars Inspired Cosplay Costume Size M

Rey Star Wars Inspired Cosplay Costume Size M

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This costume was inspired by the one Rey wore in Star Wars: "The Force Awakens". The details have been simplified from the original movie version to accommodate smaller budgets. 

Costume is a Women's Size US M. (or Small if you want it looser) 

- Costume will best fit a bust size of 34in to 38in
- Yoga Pants low waist: 34in (with stretch) 
- Tunic Bust laid flat: 39in (with stretch) 
- Tunic Hip laid flat: 49in
- Vegan leather belt waist: 32in (with adjustable room for larger waist) 

Fabric details are aged and dyed to look worn. Arm wraps are just long strips of fabric that you wrap up the arm and tighten. Costume is designed to be looser until it is tightened with the belt. 


*Shipping is in the USA via Priority Mail. 

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