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The following is a selection of children and teen costumes I have created over the years. If you are looking for a teen sized costume feel free to contact me for information and prices. Teen size costumes are priced the same as adults and involve the same amount of work to create.

I no longer create children's costumes, but I can highly recommend the seamstress at EraOfMakeBelieve

lucy narnia Costumes

Lucy's Narnia inspired costumes have been the most popular of all the Narnia inspired costumes I have made. She is such a wonderful character in the books and movies that it makes perfect sense. Below is a selection of some of the Lucy inspired costumes I have made. This includes Lucy's Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe costumes, Lucy Narnia costumes, Lucy's coronation dress, Lucy's Voyage of the Dawn Treader costume, Lucy's Prince Caspian Costume, Lucy Prince Caspian Dress, Lucy's adult Narnia costume, Lucy Narnia Dress etc...

lucy's voyage of the Dawn treader costume is one of the most popular adult narnia costumes I have made

The following photos are some costumes Inspired by the Lucy outfit worn in Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It is not meant to be identical to the orginal but simply inspired by the one worn in the film.

Susan Narnia Inspired Costumes

Over the years I have sewn many Narnia inspired costumes. Whether the garments are for events, plays or Halloween parties each garment was a fun project. The following is a selection of costumes inspired by the ones Susan wore in the current Narnia films.  These include Susan's Narnia Archery Dress, Susan's Farewell Costume and Susan's Prince Caspian Purple Dress. Susan's Farewell gown seems to be the most popular option.


Below are some photos of a few little girl versions of Susan's Archery Dress Costume from Narnia.


These were sold as gift sets for Halloween time

little model.PNG

Susan also wore a purple dress in "Prince Caspian" this costume was inspired by that one. Susan's Prince Caspian dress